About Us

Who Are We?

A group of local business professionals who gather on a regular basis to exchange referrals, provide support and friendship, and to promote each others’ products and services within the business and professional community.

Our Mission

To foster relationships between business leaders who are accessible, enthusiastic, committed and engaged in order to better understand member’s businesses and to expand the network of each individual so that each referral is treated with the highest professional standards.

Member Benefits

  1. Exclusivity of Industry
  2. Access to membership contact list updated weekly
  3. Weekly ‘fish bowl’ meetings where members meet to learn about each other’s business and expertise
  4. Opportunities at least twice a year to speak to the group about your business
  5. A relational network of business people to share business ideas and concepts
  6. Free web presence on group’s website (www.techvalleynetworkinggroup.com)
  7. Free press through community calendars and news postings
  8. Reasonable membership fees at $50 per year


While TVNG respects members’ business time and does not want to set strict attendance policy, it is crucial that every effort be made to attend as many meetings as possible since the purpose of the group is to grow relationships.  To that end, TVNG’s expectations are for every member to attend at least 1 meeting per month. 

Meeting Agenda

Each meeting is conducted as outlined below:

  1. Meetings run from 8 – 9:15 am every other Tuesday at Malta Diner. 
  2. The first 15 minutes is reserved for arrival and networking of members and guests and collection of fees of $5.
  3. 8:15 meeting begins with introduction of Board members.
  4. 60 second commercials are done by both members and guests.
  5. Educational Moment is presented to group to educate, inspire and motivate members.
  6. Two speakers each have 10 minutes to present themselves and their businesses.
  7. Business Card swap takes place for members to set up their bi-weekly fishbowl meetings – members only.
  8. Success stories are shared by members who have referred/received referrals.
  9. New industry members are solicited so everyone has areas to invite people.
  10. Upcoming member and community events communities are shared and meeting is adjourned.

Board Members

President    Kevin Harkins  785-6340 kevin.harkins@princor.com
Vice-President Pamela Grandin 441-4236 pgrandin@hunterlearningsolutions.com
Treasurer  Patricia McFee  899-0054 mcfeep@pioneersb.com
Membership Pamela Grandin 441-4236 pgrandin@hunterlearningsolutions.com